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Anhui SANZHU Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Company profile: SANZHU Group is headquartered in Shanghai. Its main business is: industrial automation connecting lines and connectors. The products are widely used in industrial robots, new energy vehicles and other industries, and are exported to Germany, the United States, South Korea and other overseas markets. In 2017, it invested 100 million yuan to set up "Anhui SANZHU Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd." in He County, with the goal of listing and broad development prospects.

General workers (several names)

Male or female, age 18-45 years old, good eyesight, no color weakness, color blindness, flexible hands and feet, obedience, and literacy.

Inspector (10)

Gender: no limit, age 18-45 years old, be careful in work, have strong communication skills, be able to operate commonly used measuring tools and gauges, and make inspection records as required

Warehouse (6 people)

Gender: Male, between 25-35 years old, junior high school education or above, able to type simple, with or without experience, able to endure hardships and obey arrangements.

Airman (2)

Gender Male 25-40 years old, healthy, hard-working, obedient to arrangements, adaptable to overtime, must have team spirit! Have equipment maintenance experience, and have been engaged in automation equipment debugging. The company will give a 3-month trial period.

Quality Engineer (2)

1) Familiar with ISO9000, 14000 quality system program documents. Understand the application and improvement of the company's system, and have internal and external audit experience;

2) More than 5 years of practical work experience in the quality department, familiar with CAD drawings, strong in principle, good organization and coordination ability, and dare to take responsibility;

3) Clear thinking, strong logical thinking and communication skills, familiar with suppliers and process control;

4) Those who have actual work experience in electronics or machinery companies are preferred. Fresh college students with strong executive ability and the courage to challenge are also welcome, and the salary is negotiable.

Production Supervisor (2)

According to the company's management policy, the department's monthly and annual work plans are prepared in the general manager, and they are implemented after approval;

Combine the production plan, coordinate the production progress of each team in an orderly manner, and do a good job in the affairs management of finding, solving and preventing problems;

Reasonably reduce production costs, reduce waste, strictly control the quality of on-site products, establish a correct quality concept, control refurbishment, prevent scrapping, and fully implement the independent inspection of "everyone quality inspection";

Do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance work and supervision and management of machinery and equipment on the production site to prevent accidents;

Conscientiously do a good job in the discipline of production site personnel, environmental sanitation, and item placement, and implement visual management and on-site 6 management to create a tidy and clean workplace;

Strengthen kanban and target management, do a good job in output and quality data statistics, and analyze and summarize the data to ensure the progress and quality of product production;

Strengthen system management, balance production capacity, check, rationally arrange production time, save energy, save product manufacturing costs, and reduce production costs;

Strengthen communication and coordination between various departments, promote information flow, fully cooperate with technical, quality and other departments, and do a good job in new product development, product improvement, trial production, process improvement, etc.;

Organize product production in strict accordance with the quality management system, do a good job in the recording and statistics of various data in the production process, and the maintenance and maintenance of equipment and fixtures;

Hold regular or irregular production meetings to review quality, efficiency, and manufacturing costs in a timely manner to improve production efficiency;

Other related work temporarily assigned by the superior, salary interview!

The above post benefits and salary: 3500-5500, five insurances, holiday gifts, paid vacations, education subsidies,

Seniority bonus, year-end bonus, post salary, salary will be paid on time on the 15th of each month.

Address: No. 3, High-tech Industrial Park, Yuxihe West Road, Hexian Economic Development Zone

Contact information: 18255557257, 13013100379 Ms. Wang, Ms. Lu

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